Preferred Or Not Preferred!

Does anyone know what a preferred job is? Do you know what areas have preferred jobs? If you don’t, you’ll probably never get one. If you do, your chances of getting one is slimmer by the day. Preferred jobs are mostly straight day jobs that are hourly team members. CMM, Cubing, Weld Destruct, Emissions, VOCA, GFP and SQO. After working on the line or rotating for many years, these are the jobs that we look forward to receiving, which our seniority should allow us to get. As we speak, those positions are in jeopardy of being lost. Management is replacing them (in some areas) with temps or contractors. What do you have to look forward to? You don’t have to be For or Against the Union to decide that this process of elimination is not in favor of the well being of the workers. New hires/contractors should start on the line. These jobs are becoming available now as team members retire in the upcoming months and years. Many team members do not know about them unless they hear about them through the grapevine, because they are not being posted. You are being replaced! With lower paying wages! With a contract we have a chance to preserve these jobs and give our younger workforce something to work towards as they put there time in, as we, the older generation have done. Do the right thing and sign up for Local 112 and make a difference!


Did Mercedes ask you for permission to give your personal information to a 3rd party, being Mercer, our new contact between blue cross/shield and you? They now have all your social security numbers and birthdates of your family members and other pertinent information. Mercer does not have a reputable work history based on reviews and is not credited by the BBB (better business bureau). Just another reason to have it in writing, by way of a contract through collective bargaining, to keep our information safe and to have a decision in who should be involved in our medical coverage. $60 a year for their service?



UAW Local 112