Policies, Policies, Policies

What are policies really for? Do we really need them? Do they actually mean what they say? Policies are there as a system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. Yes, we do need them and NO, they don’t actually mean what they say. In our case, with the retirees and their resignations leading up to retiring. Why do we still proceed to take the obvious and accept the situation? If something is not right, then speak up and voice your opinion! The obvious 10 day rule for retirement resignation didn’t last long when a posting of a team members last day was the 8th. After clarifications by team members from HR and Management, some retired 3 and 4 days into the year. This same subject was brought up 6 months ago when HR 02 policy was changed on July 17th, 2017 and no communication to team members that would or could have been adversely affected. All we asked is that you SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! With collective bargaining and a contract, everyone would know your policies and when they are changed. Policies are not posted for a reason. Handbooks do not tell you everything about a policy. When do you have time to look up a policy at work? Do you have access to a computer? Just remember, HR is there for the company, not you. Local 112 is always there for the employee.

What does everyone think about the present situation with President Trump and the tax breaks that were passed? Sounds good doesn’t it, if you were affected directly. Daimler released that 1 Billion (euros), produced by reductions in U.S. federal taxes, would lead to higher dividends to shareholders this year. Many corporations are giving raises and/or bonuses because of the tax break. Remember that $175 that was given to us last year that should have been deducted from 2017 team share, don’t expect anything but the obvious. Local 112, Union Yes!