UAW Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry and Chairman of General Works Council, Michael Brecht visit Local 112 Plant


UAW Secretary-Treasurer Ray Curry

UAW Secretary-Treasurer, Ray Curry (pictured on left), and Chairman of the General Works Council, Michael Brecht (pictured on right), were at our plant on Tuesday Sept. 4th for a tour and had discussions with management on behalf of Local 112. Both Curry and Brecht (Deputy Chairman) are on the Daimler Supervisory Board in Germany, which consist of 10 Employee Representatives and 10 Shareholder Representatives. This is the first time a UAW Labor Official has been in the Mercedes plant since it’s been in operation. The visit by Ray Curry and Michael Brecht to the Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa plant confirms the great union presence in our plant. Many colleagues from abroad that we work with, especially from Sindelfingen, belong to the union IG Metall or have been in the union at one time. It is important to build our membership to majority status in order to have a seat at the table to discuss with Management the importance of a strong relationship between the Union and the Company.  By doing so we can work together through the collective bargaining process to address items that are important to those of us who build the vehicles bearing the Mercedes-Benz name.   Local 112 would like to thank Michael Brecht and Mitchell Smith, UAW Region 8 Director, and all Local 112 union supporters for participating in the Labor Day Rally at Tannehill State Park.

Chairman of the General Works Council, Michael Brecht

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